Human Nature: The Beginning

“No one will protect what they don't care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced.”

David Attenborough

It’s no myth.

Modern people just don’t get nature. Scientists can speak all they want about ‘nature deficit disorder’ and other mumbo-jumbo, but at the heart of it, it really is simple. We just don’t believe that we need nature anymore.

The very act of naming it, of categorizing it, separates us. First Nations people speak of life as a whole, one single, cohesive unit without parallel. Why don’t we?

Because we’re scared of it- scared of admitting that at heart we really are no better than all those other apes out there which we continue to drive to extinction. Our family.

So what is the antidote, the miracle cure? I believe that all we need is to remind people of their connection. Bring back stories of people and animals; show to people the interconnectedness of life, how it really does matter what they do; how peace is better than conflict- and how to stop the war.

Heard of a thing called climate change?

I’m told it’s pretty bad.

But there’s worse.

60% of animals lost since the moon-landing.

Every last insect dead in 100 years.

60% of ecosystem services degraded- that’s half the world’s GDP under threat

We can only ignore it for so long.
And then what? We fix it? Really?

The time to act is now, but we can’t do it alone. Life itself is at stake.

To win this war we need people to care. Not for a day’s marching in the streets, but in the voting booths, and at home.

We need to connect people, to connect to people, to connect to nature.

And the people must be empowered- to grow, to bring aid, to support and, ultimately, to blossom.

Reading this was the first step-


The Human Nature Project hopes to educate the masses as to our place within the natural world, and culture within them a growing appreciation for their fellow lifeforms. It will connect people with action-makers, innovators, and just other ordinary people like themselves. We need community, one that is industrious and dynamic, that will drive change and maintain it. That will inspire and that will matter to people, so that when humans fail there will always be a back-up.

And that is Life.