Meet the Team: Atiwullah Mohammadi

National Director, Afghanistan

I am Atiwullah Mohammadi from Afghanistan, a mountainous country rich in mines and natural resources. I have a bachelor degree in environmental science from Kabul University.

I’m managing Eco-club Afghanistan which aims to promote environment and natural resource conservation and as well aiming to promote the culture of eco-volunteerism and urbanization in Afghanistan. I’m focusing on Eco-entrepreneurship which is very new in Afghanistan. Right now all the start-ups and businesses are not eco-friendly in Afghanistan, I’m trying to convince the start-up owners to take actions in protecting nature and environment.

The real reason why I want to volunteer with Human nature project is that I’m enthusiastic to work with an international team to gain more knowledge not just about my country’s wildlife but even further than that, I want to work globally on global environment issues. With the help of HNP I will make a national volunteer team, and then we will initiate some outreach programs, campaigns and educational workshops on different environmental issues, especially about climate change, global warming and pollution.