Meet the Team: Elliot Connor

“Stick insects are just like people really- they like being on top of things, spend a lot of their time just hanging around, and have no need whatsoever for males (they can clone themselves at will).”

Hey! I’m Elliot from sunny Sydney and this is my girlfriend Ochre. We have heaps of stuff in common, although dates are still a rather silent affair. Together Ochre and I are trying to break down the barriers humans have built around themselves to prove their superiority over other animals.

Any plain old fool can see that bees (not Greeks) invented democracy, monkeys are the masters of medicine, and lightbulbs came about long, long before humans. So we might be tool-makers, but it should be pretty obvious that a species which intentionally ignores 3.5 billion years of accumulated wisdom isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed!

My most recent project has been to set up the Human Nature group, which encourages friendship and collaboration within the conservation community. We’ve literally started this week and could use all the help and support we can get, so please check us out on Facebook @HumanNatureProjects and email us at if you think you can help. See you there!