Meet the Team: Mina Maurice

National director, Egypt

I am Mina Maurice, an Egyptian guy from Alexandria, Egypt. I work as a pharmacist and science communicator and I seek to do a masters in the biotechnology field. I have always dreamt to save and change the world since I was a very young child. Every day I realize that I can achieve that dream through volunteering which must be a part of everyone's life. I have travelled abroad a few times as well seeking that dream and learning more about our Nature.

This project is for everyone who wants to do something different in their lives and those who really want to know the true meaning for their existence in this world. Every day I get involved in projects related to the SDGs, climate change and youth movements. I believe that Human Nature Projects is for me, you and everyone in all countries.

I believe that I am here in this position to change something with the help of the executives and everyone who is going to read that post and want to help.  I am encouraging everyone to apply now to be in this movement and seek to change our world and save our nature. If we are going to call it ‘human nature’ then we must save and protect the nature not destroy it. You don't have to be expert to be one of us, but it is all about passion and desire coming out of your heart. "Those people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are usually the ones who do" – Steve Jobs