Meet the Team: Orxan Bayramov

National Director, Azerbaijan

I am Orkhan Bayramov from Azerbaijan, Caucasian region. I live in a city called Sumgait which is the 2nd biggest city in the country. Since 2016, I have contributed as a volunteer to my organization called ‘’Common Sense’’ Youth Organization. Currently, I am working as a Youth Worker in the same NGO. Our objectives are fighting against pollution and smoking in our society, engaging vulnerable youth in volunteering. Our key topic areas are Environmental Protection, Healthy lifestyle, Social inclusion and International Relations.

Different local and international projects are being implemented by specific teams related to the topic. Besides, we are a member of several networks such as the Youth Express Network and Youth Environment and Europe. As an environmental activist in my country, I would like to extend our missions further and being National Director for Human Nature Projects we could collaborate with other stakeholders and join forces. What we do individually or as a team is something for a better future, however if we all work together it would be greater contribution to our society which could be the vital difference.