Meet the Team Rideeta Aishy

National Director, Bangladesh

Hi everyone! I am Rideeta Islam Aishy , a very passionate future microbiologist. I am 20 years old and currently pursuing bachelor of science in microbiology from BRAC University. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. My homeland is precisely known for its lush green landscape and numerous waterways. This country also possesses a rich faunal diversity. My passion with nature and conservation started when I started visiting Russia: I was young, enjoying the forests out there. My country is very rich in natural gifts both with trees and animals. It made me think that if a country like Russia which is a winter-based country for most of the year can conserve their natural beauties which looks magnificent during the summer then why can’t we do that? That’s how my interest started growing for the nature and conservation.  I felt deeply that it is my time to do something for nature whereas I know, I cannot do that alone. We need to be together in this cause.

I would love to promote and engage myself in this HUMAN NATURE PROJECT within my country. Again, I do not get it how humans are full of so much knowledge yet are not aware of the issues in our country or worldwide, but rather choosing money and power over the good health of our environment. So enough is enough; now I want to protect the nature, faunal diversity and take care of them. This project and the initiative plans of our honourable founder can promote a very strong alliance between human beings and other inhabitants.