Our Vision

Human Nature Projects is connecting people for the planet, because together we can make a world of difference.
We are reimagining conservation, creating a community vision for mutual respect and prosperity amongst all our Earth’s many lifeforms. We come from all walks of life, from every continent, speaking many different languages- yet we are joined by Earth’s universal tongue: the appreciation of mother nature, and an undying passion to protect it.

Our mission is to restore humanity’s appreciation of Earth’s amazing biodiversity, reminding people that we needn’t be (indeed are not) the superior species on this planet. In doing so, we create a powerful network of nature-lovers that fights against the isolation and reclusivity of conservation as a whole. There is still much work to be done, and we have only just begun.
But the climate movement has paved the way- and we will follow.


Why human nature?

Many people say that it is ‘human nature’ to destroy our planet out of greed, exploit other lifeforms to the point of extinction, and forget of their plight
in our own short-sightedness. We say otherwise.

Human Nature should be a force for good- a story of connection, collaboration and community which ends in a prosperous future for creatures great and small.

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Take a look at our first major progress report from 4 months in.


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Human Nature can redefine the conservation market, helping it become more inviting to those that want to help whilst providing guarantees that the help delivered will be effective.
— Joshua Dixon