Meet the Team: Yannick Mutambo

National Director, Democratic Republic of the Congo

I'm Yannick Mutambo Rajabu, citizen of the world living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a country considered the second lung of the planet after the Amazon. My country is a sanctuary of key natural ecosystems, but they are experiencing human pressure. There are some animal and plant species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world; it is home to the second largest forest in the world in which we have the largest peat bog on the planet- a wealth that can be used as a means of combating global warming and in the empowerment of indigenous peoples.

 My passion for the conservation and preservation of projects from an early age cannot be overestimated and my academic training in the field of environmental sciences is an asset to support my motivation to work as a humanitarian for the protection of the environment.

 As president of the environment committee at Lions Club International District 409, I felt it was time to take action and live my passion for wildlife conservation after discovering Human Nature Projects. Needless to say, I have time to light up and live my dream. There is a great future to be had in teaching people about the importance of protecting our environments, and I would like to guide the people of my country through showing them this.